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    Or better: No soulmates in Twilight...

    I don't think they have really 'soulmate' in Twilight. I mean:

    -Carlisle has changed Esme because she was already considered like dead and he remembered her. He changed Rosalie because he wanted a mate for Edward and she was dying anyway.

    -Rosalie wanted Carlisle to change Emmett because he looked like Vera's baby.

    -Alice SAW her with Jasper but I'm pretty sure she never ask herself if the fact that she sees Jasper only mean that he will become a Cullen. I wonder if she saw herself married to Jasper before or after she convinces herself that he's her soulmate. Because Alice's visions depend on what people choose, and that includes her too.

    -And since Bella asked Alice for visions of her future, she convinc…

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