• Twiluver


    August 21, 2010 by Twiluver

    Well its my first blog so here goes nothing...

    I have a friend-*let's give him a "name"- and his name is *Jacob and let's say im "Bella" and you know how Bella is supposed to go with Edward but she still loves Jake right? Anyways in my case "Bella" forgets about Edward and falls in love with "Jacob". But here's the catch- "Jacob" doesn't know "Bella" likes him more than a friend-. My story is much more different than Twilight so, yeah. Jacob never knew there was an Edward in Bella's life-remember that's me- he never knew Bella was in love with Edward. Bella is too scared to show her feelings to Jacob because she thinks its going to ruin their friendship. And for now, Bella is a super confused girl right now :(

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