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February 12, 2010
  • Twilightslastgleaming

    True Blood

    March 25, 2010 by Twilightslastgleaming

    Has anyone else read any of the Southern Vampire Mystery books, or watched True Blood on HBO?

    I'm a little shocked by the similarities between the True Blood series and Twilight.

    Anyone else?

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  • Twilightslastgleaming

    This "What If" scenario takes place just prior to the events we've now come to know as "Twilight."

    Jacob Black is out hiking and exploring in the woods one day. Making his way along a narrow ledge, a rock gives way under his feet causing him to fall over a small cliff. Falling awkwardly for ten feet or more, his right knee hits first taking the full force of his weight impacting the ground. His femur shatters, severing his femoral artery, and jutting out through the skin of his thigh. Blood gushes from the wound, Jacob will be dead within minutes. Fate intervenes, and as it happens, Carlisle and Esme Cullen are out hunting together that day. They smell human blood, and of course, they decide to investigate. As they come upon Jacob, he is ne…

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  • Twilightslastgleaming

    Can hybrids be turned into full vampires? If so, since a person's traits are amplified when they are changed, wouldn't they be more powerful than a vampire turned from a human?

    Sub-question - If hybrids can be changed into full vampires, what would happen if Nahuel bit himself?

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  • Twilightslastgleaming

    I saw the book "The Vampire Is Just Not That Into You" as I was doing inventory at a Borders bookstore the other day. I went back & thumbed through it on break, & it's a crack-up, check it out if you get a chance.

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  • Twilightslastgleaming

    Found this one in a box of old things  :P from the date(year only), I was 14 or 15 at the time.

    things that shouldn't be are in my head

    a screaming utterance of a regrettable past

    preconceived notions of a foregone conclusion

    baron wasteland of unyielding sorrow be my bane

    a rupture in the pretext of my blind disillusionment

    count down into the fathoms of my sea of trepidation

    wrest the fading dreams from the desperate clutches of my tattered mind, and nullify the last remaining hope of sanity, clarity, and contentment

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