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Do any of you live in the Pacific Northwest, USA?

I was just wondering how many of you live in, or near the location where this story takes place. I do, and I decided to drive up & visit the area yesterday. I was surprised to find that La Push is actually about a 30 - 40 min. drive from Forks, I had pictured it as being closer than that. There are also a number of small islands right there by Quileute Marina, the largest of which is called James Island. With James being a character in the story, I thought that was kind of interesting

Anyway - just curious, I think Pacific NW is a vague enough description of one's location for the internet, but I understand if some of you don't want to say where you're from. If it doesn't bother you though, I'd be interested. I wish we could all meet up for the Eclipse premiere, since it will be impossible to find so many great Twilight fans in my area, but I know some of us don't even live in the same country. :)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ PLEASE, NO SPECIFICS!!! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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