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    Lloverá, gotas mínimas

    Lloverá, de mi boca,

    Saldrá el mar

    No, no, Romeo, no

    No, no me dejes ver Tu vida fue gestada ya... Llovera, caudales de agua, Aguas lisas

    Lloverá, desde mis ojos

    No, no, Romeo, no,

    No, no me dejes ver Que tu muerte fue gestada ya... El nacimiento



    Rain, minimum drops Rain,

    from my mouth, It will be the sea

    No, no, Romeo, no

    No, don't let me see

    Your life was conceived already...

    Rain, flows of water Smooth waters

    Rain, from my eyes

    No, no, Romeo, no,

    No, don't let me see

    That your death was conceived already...

    The birth

    Now the Video

    I don't know why but I love this song! it's in Spanish....

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    Zendaya Coleman

    June 10, 2012 by Twilightsagafan

    So in case you guys haven't noctied my avatar is Zendaya Coleman. Have you guys heard Zendaya's songs; Swag It Out,Dig Down Deeper and Something To Dance For.If you haven't listened to the, I'll be putting them up for you to listen to them.

    Swag it out,is Zendaya's first song ever!

    Something To Dance For is Zenday's second song. Zendaya mashs her song up with Annabella Thorne's song "TTYLXOX"

    Dig Down Deeper is Zendaya's third song. Dig Down Deeper was for the Pixie Hollow Games.

    What do you think of Zendaya?

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    Okay so I am listening to All Yours by Metric.I have the new moon soundtrack,breaking dawn souldtrack, eclipse soundtrack on my iPod nano. But where are all my blog posts? did this happen to you guys? Did you adimns move my blog posts? Did someone delete them? so where the heck are all of my blog posts?! Please tell me!

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    ePub Bub

    May 19, 2012 by Twilightsagafan

    I found a free site were you can download books to your iPod,iPhone,Windows Phone,ect.

    I've download

    The Vampire Diaries

    Pretty Little Liars-Ruthless

    Vampire Academy

    Here is the link to the site

    ePub Bub

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    Okay,I have been on different blogs that say "Why everybody loves the twilight saga?".....this blog isn't about that. This is way I am boycotting this saga,first because no new Breaking Dawn-Part 2 news,[yet],and because I AM NOT INTO THIS SAGA ANYMORE!!!!!

    So to you new "twihards" STOP POSTING BLOG ABOUT HOW MUCH YOU LOVE TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!! and try reading "The Hunger Games" or "Thr1teen r3asons why" a novle by Jay Asher,Okay?


    • Bella is a seflsh whore
    • The Volturi.....
    • To many vampires..............
    • We only see The Denalis in Breaking Dawn.
    • Stephenie's writing is dumb,she makes to many miskates in the saga.

    But whatever,tell me why you think twilight is not so great,after all.



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