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    Amanda Todd

    October 14, 2012 by Twilightsagafan

    Amanda Todd was bullied in school. The week Sep 7th Amanda was cutting herself.On Sep 7th Amanda was found dead in her home town of Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, just over a month later, On Oct 10 Amanda was found dead in her home town. People told Amanda she was "stunning, beautiful, perfect" and one day she was web chating with her friends and meeting new people in that web chat room, and a man pressured her to flash her chest. One year later, she did. You can find Amanda's story on YouTube. And you can find Amanda's cover of Outside Looking In by Jordan Pruitt.

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  • Twilightsagafan


    September 11, 2012 by Twilightsagafan

    I've been looking at some of the comments on Renesmee's page, and it's like all of almost all the twihards on here only know that today (Sep 11) is just Renesmee's birthday. Hello people today is more than just a dumb character in the twilight saga birthday. Today is 9/11 the day probably more than 30,00 people lost their lives because of Osama Bin Lin aka the terrorist that one of three planes that hit the world trade center (the twin towns) in New York City.

    With love,


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  • Twilightsagafan

    What the heck? Adimns,why? On Wed, I was packing for camp and I had my laptop with me,and I did get on at camp,cause they had free WI-FI.Btw,but my clock on want back to 1,and I think I was 200 days and not 100 days. Okay I think I'm going to delete my account or something on here.I can't make it on the wikia half the time.I'll be camping again the second week ( Aug 12 - Aug 19.) I WILL NOT COME ON THE WIKIA ANYMORE!! Cause I think the wikia is kind of dumb now.And not because I'm mad.Whatever.Can you guys just disable the badges? They are dumb,plus you guys just undone my edits. I think you guys should just disable the badges for good. Can we try a week without the badges? Dee,see if the adimns agree with me.If yes, than go and disable th…

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  • Twilightsagafan

    I am bored

    July 11, 2012 by Twilightsagafan

    I am bored,I'm listening to "This Love" by Maroon 5 cover by Joshua Ledat and Phillip Phillips. And I don't know I'm posting this blog,tho. So umm....I'm adding some songs to my ipod nano. And I'm listening to music. Yeah,I'm sorry I cap "And" and I know it's bad writting and I know it's bad typing.So yeah. Umm...this is my blog post for tonight.

    Have a great night,day,or whatever.

    With love,

    TwihardTalkContribs 00:21, July 11, 2012 (UTC)Twilightsagafan

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  • Twilightsagafan

    A Wikia Contributor is spaming the wikia! And keeps puting this:

    Dear Twilight Fans,The Volturi have payed thousands of humans to become internet trolls and destroy all sources of twilight information. The Volturi will reward these trolls by turning them into vampires.

    All the information on the pages is gone! Guys help me edit the pages again! And stop this WIKIA CONTRIBUTOR now from deleteing all the infomation!

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