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  • Twilightsagafan

    Well, I think that if were can plan a live chat on this weekend of next weekend, I'll have to ask my sister if she's working, cause for the past two weekends she's been taking someone else's shiffert. So if we can make it at the same time zone that would be great. I'll edit this if I have updates about the live chat, we we can't do it this weekend I'll tweet or DM if you have a twitter from my twitter account. DM me or tweet me if you have any questions about if we can or cannot do the live chat this weekend or next weekend.

    UPDATE #1 - my sister is working this weekend so the chat can't be this weekend,sorry y'all.

    Happy "Hollie"days and merry Christimas and a happy new year!

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  • Twilightsagafan

    Okay, so I was on Tumblr like I'm almost always on at night and I found some pictures that are probably deleted scenes from Breaking Dawn - Part II.

    So here are the pictures, tell me what you think of the pictures?

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  • Twilightsagafan

    Twilight's over (so sad) so what are you going to do with all of the twilight t-shirts you brought? so the answer with your twilight t-shirts you brought you can make your twilight t-shirts into pillows! If you don't have a sewwing machine it's okay you can just use old pillow suffing or you buy suffing..I haven't done this with my twilight t-shirts yet. So if you have twilight t-shirts and you make them into pillows you'll never forgot your a twilighter, twihard or whatever you call us twilight fans.

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  • Twilightsagafan

    Please note: If you haven't seen Breaking Dawn - Part II yet please don't read this blog cause it many cantion spoilers! My review of Breaking Dawn - Part II. Okay, so I hate that Stephenie Meyer had the fight sence as Alice's version, cause I thought Jasper was really died and I thought Carlisle was really died. When Jasper died I thought I was going to scream and go insane, I was like "NOT JASPER!" Cause Jasper belongs with Alice. I can't stand the fight sence cause I thought I was about to loose it. When Carlise died I had my hand with my napkin over my mouth. I like when Bella gose crazy on Jacob for nicknameing Renesmee after the Ness-nock-monster (I think that's how you spell.) any how I'm going to miss twilight. The battle (vision) wasn…

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  • Twilightsagafan

    The Badges

    November 11, 2012 by Twilightsagafan

    The badges...who hell re-edited the wikia?!

    The badges I have but it says I don't have

    • Edit your user page
    • Welcome to the wikia (And so it begins)
    • Message someone
    • Blog Post
    • Comment on someone blog
    • Add a photo

    Did the wikia re-edited after Sandy? Can someone please fix my dagum badges,thanks.

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