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  • Twilightsagafan

    Why did the creator of this wikia, remove chat, It's a easy way to talk to my online wikia friends on here, and I don't get to tweet them cause I may not see them on my timeline on twitter on my phone. So anyone whom removed chat, please I'm beggin y'all please put chat back on here, cause the other wikias that I have come upon have chat, and all I'm sayin and askin y'all is to think about puttin chat back on the wikia, so can y'all please think about, and I know twilight is over but I still once in a while I like to come on and chat with Dee, Alice, Kelly, Nerming, and Alice and Dorthony and Carlie and Ashley, okay? is that too much to ask, of y'all? please I mean this as a memember for this wikia, whom still is takin to get all of the ba…

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  • Twilightsagafan

    So I know many users that I've chatted knew that I had 3 dogs, while I'm gonna tell y'all why this blog is going to my olddest dog my Blackie..

    It was in June the first Firday of the month it was around 4:00 (NY Time) and my mom let Blackie out in the front yard and I was holding the door open, and mom called him, we both could tell he was havin a hard time walkin on the back leg, (he had right leg removed in Dec of 2011) and he had 3 legs, Mollie and Dakota were in their cages so we could let Blackie out,so my mom had me get her the muzzel to put over Blackie's mouth, so he won't bite her, so she put it on him before we let him out, and she was tryin to get him inside so she want to pick him up, and he almost bite her, casue he was in pain…

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  • Twilightsagafan

    Personal message

    March 19, 2013 by Twilightsagafan

    Well, since Dee did a voice message thing I thought I should, so I'm sorry that I talk,and tell if ya can't hear me or understand what I said,

    so here y'all go....

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  • Twilightsagafan

    I'm leaving the wikia, cause I never come on the wikia, cause of Twitter and Tumblr. Plus I've never get no comments on the blogs that I do take the time to make, cause no one comes to my blogs that I take the time to make, so if y'all need me tweet me or send me a question on tumblr user or not, or leave me a messange on my talk page and I'll try to relpy as soon as I can, come on the wikia.. Plus I'm a freshmen. And the frist week of March I won't be on the wikia or I may. Cause my mom and dad are going to Las Vages, so whatever.

    Thoughts on my leaving leave a comment, and I'll try to relpy to ya.


    TwihardTalkContribs 00:31, February 10, 2013 (UTC)Twilightsagafan

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  • Twilightsagafan

    I don't know if y'all twilight fans know this but the person who plays Charlie in all the twilight movies can sing, he's album is called Removed and I think Billy's has pure angel voice for singing, and I think that y'all should really listen to him. You can find he's CD on CDbaby and you can bu it also on iTunes.

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