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So in case you guys haven't noctied my avatar is Zendaya Coleman. Have you guys heard Zendaya's songs; Swag It Out,Dig Down Deeper and Something To Dance For.If you haven't listened to the, I'll be putting them up for you to listen to them.

Zendaya-Swag It Out(03:46)
Swag it out,is Zendaya's first song ever!

Zendaya-Something To Dance For (Lyrics *FULL SONG*)(02:49)

Something To Dance For is Zenday's second song. Zendaya mashs her song up with Annabella Thorne's song "TTYLXOX"

Zendaya - Dig Down Deeper(03:08)

Dig Down Deeper is Zendaya's third song. Dig Down Deeper was for the Pixie Hollow Games.

What do you think of Zendaya?

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