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What the heck? I thought I get 100 days already.

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What the heck? Adimns,why? On Wed, I was packing for camp and I had my laptop with me,and I did get on at camp,cause they had free WI-FI.Btw,but my clock on want back to 1,and I think I was 200 days and not 100 days. Okay I think I'm going to delete my account or something on here.I can't make it on the wikia half the time.I'll be camping again the second week ( Aug 12 - Aug 19.) I WILL NOT COME ON THE WIKIA ANYMORE!! Cause I think the wikia is kind of dumb now.And not because I'm mad.Whatever.Can you guys just disable the badges? They are dumb,plus you guys just undone my edits. I think you guys should just disable the badges for good. Can we try a week without the badges? Dee,see if the adimns agree with me.If yes, than go and disable the badges for a week. I mean,it's like when Dee disable the talk pages for a week,right?

With alot of random country girl love,

Tumblr lxqucjVbkW1qld8ayo1 500Twihard TalkContribs 18:21, August 4, 2012 (UTC)twilightsagafan

P.S: Can someone help me change my signature again? Cause I don't like it anymore. Anyway.

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