1) fave book?

2) Carlisle or Billy?

3) fave Jella moment?

4) fave Edward and Bella moment?

5) Fave Jalice moment?

6) Do you think that the Volturi sholud have killed Edward in New Noon?

7) fave Rosalie and Emmett moment?

8) fave Esme and Carlisle moment?

9) fave Quote from any twilight book?

10) Jacob or Rosalie?

11) fave twilight trailer?

12) Team Jacob or Team Alice?

13) Team Robsten or Team Taysten?

14) Team Cullen or Tean Taycob?

15) Team Bella or Team Esme?

16) Team Nessie or Team Rosalie?

17) New Moon or Breaking Dawn?

18) Breaking Dawn or The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner:An Eclipse Novella?

19) Bree Tanner or Jane?

20) Vampires or werewolves?

21) Aro or edwaed?

22) Team Edward or Team Jella?

23)Team Jacob or Team Cullen?

24) Victoria or Maria?

25) Sam or Seth?

26) Cullen Clan or Wolf Pack?

27) Embry or Leah?

28) Taylor Lauther or Elizabeth Reaser?

29) Jane or Felix?

30) Twilight or Harry Potter?

31) Renee or Alice?

32) Nikki Reed or Ashley Greene?

33) Quil or Kate?

34) Irina or Esme?

35) 5he Volturi Coven or The Denali Coven?

36) 6asper or Rosalie?

37) Aro or Caius?

38) Demeteri or Alec?

39) Tayna or Carmen?

40) Eleazer or James?

41) fave Quote?

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