Even with the massice theatrical succes of the twilight saga,Taylor Lautner almost lost his career-making role as Jacob Black. Producers wanted a much bigger aclor to portray the strong werewolf. Taylor transformed before our eye by gaining 30 pounds of muscal to keep his rod prove his dedication to the franchise.Now that filing has finised,Taylor says he is relieved that he dosen't have to eat so many calories to stay buff!

"It's just a different kindof working out now.Now I get to stay more active and play more sports,which is a treat for me.I can eat what I wan- not necssarily junk because I've alwalys much eaten healthy, and now I just don't have to force myself to eat,So when I'm not hungy I don't have someone coming in and shoving food in my throat every five minutes,It's great!"

Taylor also spilled about the last days of filming the final chapters and the emotion present on the set.

"It's differnt," Taylor says of being done filming."Whenever we'd finish filming other movies we'd be bummed,but we knew that it was just a matterof mouths before we'd be back filming another one.So, when we wrapped up the last two it was tough for is because we'd been playing these charaters for so longand spending so much time together for so long.It was a little emotional,but the good news is we'll be able to proment it all together for the next year and a half."

"It was emotional for sure,yeah," Taylor says about the very last day on set. "My last day of shooting I was by myself, and so that was kind of sad,buy my second yo last day I did a scene with me,Rob [Pattinson] and Kristen [Stewart]

We'll miss twilight,but we're looking forward to more movies starring Taylor!

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