I find a blog (not on this wikia) and I died a little bit.


Breaking Dawn Part 1 keeps the close friendship between Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner alive. He recently talked about his co-star (who some say she acts on the red carpet) and defended her in a recent LA Times interview. Here is exactly what he had to say about Kristen.

"Everybody handles [the attention] in a different way, For Kristen, when she gets nervous, she gets shy and quiet – and I find it very cute. And then I think I over-exaggerate with smiling and laughing…"

Then he talked about the Oscars, which he and Kristen attended this past year.

"The only thing I can remember about presenting at the Oscars is we were up on the stage, and I could literally feel my pulse, like, through my neck. And Kristen was just like, ‘It’s gonna be OK, just breathe,"

That was so sweet of him to do that, but I doubt that will helps shape peoples thoughts of her. She hasn’t been perceived well by many and that seems to be the way it is for shy people. It is sad, but what can she do? It is hard to overcome something that you are naturally. At the very least, we can be more understanding of her feelings.

What do you think about Taylor’s kind words? I think it was a sign of what a good friend he is, however, I am not sure if his words are going to help her. Despite all that, he has made it clear that he is a great friend for people to have.

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