Hey. I haven't been oh but I today I felt like posting a blog. So about like two weeks ago. My mom got me a people collector's special on breaking dawn. Witch was really sweet of my mom to got me.


To capture scenes on Isle Esme,"we would take a half-hour boat trip to work,it was great," says director Bill Condon.

W DAWN: The T'wilight is ready to make it's biggest splash yet with a wedding, a baby and Bella and Edward entering the final chapter of their love story. Turn the page for amazing photos and inside scoop from Breaking Dawn.

"We Took a little of Alice's past and put it into her dress,"says Ashley Greene (as a bridesmaid,with the Cullen clan).

I know this blog is a little late,but you have to remember I don't have my 'new' laptop,yet.okay. And in the people:Collrctor's special it gives you behind the scences pictures.
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"There are surprises in the more irocic bits like the honeymoon". says Stewart.

It's shows a picture of Bella dichting her Corverse snd gives her wedding day heels a trial with her soon to be sister-in-law;Alice. (For more Breaking Dawn scoop,the movie's official companion book gose on sale on Dec,13.) I was so happy when I see the picture of Taylor Launter on a motorcycle....I was guessing that was rideing on it to get use to being on a motorcycle to play Jacob in New Moon.
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" I got up to 20 lbs. For Breaking Dawn" says Kellan Lutz (as Emmett prepping for the wedding).

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"It was nice to be able to shoot on the actual streets and see people," says Stewart of filmming in Rio de Janeiro.

Alohought the union of Bella and Edward isn't exactaly your usual till-death-do-us-part affair (this is a vampire saga,after all), Twilight fans better be prepared to whip out a hanky while watching the do get hicted in Breaking Dawn-Part 1. "That whole part of the book is something that I read thousands of times," Kristen Stewart told ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY. "It was oddly emotional the first time I got to set and saw everything amd everybody." And if a romantic wedding weren't enough,there are tons of other big moments packed into the film. A honeymoon,a volatile frist night of matrimonial passion, a pregnancy and to top it all off-the brith or Renesmee. "It;s so different thn everything else in the movie", Robert Pattinson has said of the scene. "For a fantasy series that has younghis
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Bella ditches her Converse and gives her wedding heel a trial fun with Alice.

h audience, it gose quite far; it's hard-core." Given Bella and Edward's tumultioms history, the final chapter of their love story is primed to strike a deep chord.As stewart said at Comic-Con,echoing the feelings of Twi-hards everywhere," I've been building up to these moments for the four years.I was 17 when I started doing this movie-and this one really loaded with those catharic,impactful,huge life moments,and..they're really very rooted in a reality that I can completly see myself in".
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" I got beat up in both movies, It was fun!" says Launter (confronting the wolves outside the Cullen home).

As you can see Edward's shrit has Bella's blood on it from getting Renesmme out from Bella's belly.

50: As the saga winds down,the real-life romance between Rob and Kristen Keeps going strong.

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