Facts about Taylor Lautner:

  1. Nicknames: Tay (or Tay-Tay)
  2. Star Sign:Aquarius
  3. Pets: Maltese dog named Roxie
  4. Hometown:Los Angles
  5. Heritage:Greman,French,Dutch with Native American ancestry
  6. Height:5' 101/2 (1.79cm)
  7. Trademark: His smile and the six-pack ads he worked on to secure his role as Jacob Black in the twilight series.
  8. Favourite Twilight line: "Dose my being half-naked bother you?"
  9. Favourite sports: Football and baseball
  10. Favourite sports team: Michigan wolverines and the Texas Longhorns
  11. Favourite music: Kings of Leon and The Black eyed peas
  12. Favorite actors: Denzel Washington, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon
  13. Favourite films: Iron Man,Gladiator,The Dark Knight and The Bourne Trilogy
  14. Favourite food: Steak or burgers
  15. Favourite ice cream flavor: cake batter from cold sone creamery
  16. Favourite colour: Baby blue
  17. Talents: Martial arts, black belt in karate
  18. Fears: Reptiles and sharks
  19. Self confessed: hopeless romantic

From my book about Taylor Lautner by Jess Lomas.

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