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Chapter 1


First day of school,great! When I woke up it was raining....I thought "Why the heck did we move to this dumb little town,called Forks in the first place!" I hated rain,I hated Forks more!

"Tay",mom yelled


"Hurgy up in the shower Kim needs one,also."

"Okay!" I yelled at the top of my lungs

I was out of the shower now,and as Kim walked into the bathroom I said "Here little brat".I throw her my old kidy shirt.

"Mom,Tay called me a 'little brat'!"

"Taylor Isabelle,say you're sorry to Kimberly."


"It's okay,Tay."

I was in my room,I picked my pick skinny jeans,my red shirt that said "Team Jella rules! Team Bedward stucks." I know my would yell at me for wearing that shirt,but I wore it still,I picked my black uggs.

I walked down-stairs

"Taylor,go change you're shirt."


I walked back up-stairs,I changed my shirt to my Jacob one from Hot-Topic,put that on.Then walked back down-stairs.

"That's better."

I walked to school (I didn't have a car yet.) it was raining...god I really wish I didn't wear my white shirt,great I didn't put a kamie on today.

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