Why did the creator of this wikia, remove chat, It's a easy way to talk to my online wikia friends on here, and I don't get to tweet them cause I may not see them on my timeline on twitter on my phone. So anyone whom removed chat, please I'm beggin y'all please put chat back on here, cause the other wikias that I have come upon have chat, and all I'm sayin and askin y'all is to think about puttin chat back on the wikia, so can y'all please think about, and I know twilight is over but I still once in a while I like to come on and chat with Dee, Alice, Kelly, Nerming, and Alice and Dorthony and Carlie and Ashley, okay? is that too much to ask, of y'all? please I mean this as a memember for this wikia, whom still is takin to get all of the badges.

- Justine.