Please note: If you haven't seen Breaking Dawn - Part II yet please don't read this blog cause it many cantion spoilers! My review of Breaking Dawn - Part II. Okay, so I hate that Stephenie Meyer had the fight sence as Alice's version, cause I thought Jasper was really died and I thought Carlisle was really died. When Jasper died I thought I was going to scream and go insane, I was like "NOT JASPER!" Cause Jasper belongs with Alice. I can't stand the fight sence cause I thought I was about to loose it. When Carlise died I had my hand with my napkin over my mouth. I like when Bella gose crazy on Jacob for nicknameing Renesmee after the Ness-nock-monster (I think that's how you spell.) any how I'm going to miss twilight. The battle (vision) wasn't in the book and I hate that they show the Denali coven when Tanya, Kate and Irina's mom dies because of what she did and the Volturi killed their mom. Irina should've told the Volutri what the Cullens' did and I hate when in Alice's vision that Irina dies and I hate that my fave characters die in the battle which was just Alice's vision to show Aro what would happen if he killed Carlisle. When Jacob was takeing he's clothes off to show Charlie what he really is, the whole theatre was laughing... so after the movie was done me, my mom and my dad want to the 99 to eat dinner.

I like that Ligonstage put a trailer (well not really a tailer) for Catching Fire and Catching Fire is going out on Nov 22 2013 Hunger Games Fans we have to wait a whole year till Catching Fire.

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