I just thinking to myself some reason why I like twilight so much? Here are some reason why

  1. Jacob Black is sexy with no shrit on.
  2. Kristen Stewart plays Bella Swan (later Bella Cullen)
  3. It's romantic
  4. It's about Werewoves and Vampires
  5. It's a drama movie
  6. It's by Stephenie Meyer
  7. It's better then Harry Potter
  8. It's not about Wiards
  9. The cast is 'real'
  10. Taylor Lautner plays Jacob Black
  11. The books are better than the movies cause the books give you more details on whats going
  12. The books are easy to read
  13. Mackenzie Foy plays Renesmee Cullen (Not untill breaking dawn)

Justine 22:38, April 29, 2011(UTC)twilightsagabella

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