Here's the sixth What if questions

  1. What if Bree Tanner survived and joined the Cullen Family and she would be called Bree Cullen and would the whole story change?
  2. What if Riley never liked Victoria and was under a spell that she casted on him?
  3. What if you were one of the newborns, wolves or Cullen's in the battle?
  4. What if one of a character from another movie or novel was there?
  5. What if Victoria was nice and never avenged for James?
  6. What if Stephenie Meyer was a character in a novel?
  7. What if Bella cheats on Jacob and Edward? (I mean like theyre both dating and they both got married and no one knew)
  8. What if Eclipse never existed and everything was in peace?
  9. What if no one killed each other?
  10. What if Rosalie or Jasper told their stories to Bella?

More every week of June.

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