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What if Twilight Questions 3

My new Set of Twilight Questions 3

1. What if Twilight wasnt made into a movie?

2. What if a friend said : If you like Twilight I cant be your friend anymore"?

3. What if theres an Edward or Jacob smelled perfume?

4. What if you kissed your favorite boy(for girls) or girl (for men) character in the book?

5. What if Edward dumped Bella and came for you instead because you can do better things than her? (stronger shield, more sweeter blood)

6. What if Jake imprinted on you?

7. What if on your worst favorite character you used "10 ways to annoy that person blog"?

8.What if you had a child with Edward or Jacob?

9. What if you lived in the world of Twilight and your in the middle of it?

10. What if Alice never can stop her Clairvoyance

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