For people who dont know, Luna and I created this game called What if... and heres my 4th list of question.

  1. What if you were in the Volturi?
  2. What if you were a vampire or werewolf/shapeshifter and married one of the characters?
  3. What if vampires can eat human food too?
  4. What if everyone knew about vampires and werewolves/shapeshifters?
  5. What if vampires didn't sparkle in the sunlight they just look very hot!?
  6. What if werewolves/shapeshifters can imprint on more than one person?
  7. What if Edward or Jacob made a song for you?
  8. What if you had thier cell phone number?
  9. What if there was no such thing as blood?
  10. What if Carlisle was the leader of ALL vampires?

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