Heres my second list I might repeat some of them.

# What if Edward was a shapeshifter?

# What if Stephenie Meyer created a prequel of Twilight about the vampires?

# What if you have all the Twilight Memrobilia in the whole universe

# What if Jacob imprinted on Leah?

# What if a character kissed, married , had love, had a baby with you and if its a vamp change you?

# What if you met all of the Twilight saga characters?

# What if Edward never had a rebellious period when he first was a vampire?

# What if someone said that they said "TWILIGHT SUCKS" in front of your face?

# What if Jacob Married Nessie?

# What if you woke up in the middle of the forest and jacob or Edward found you and either imprinted on you or changed you into a vampire?

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