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Victoria's Secret


Victoria and James kisses

Victoria: mmmmmm.......

James: mmmmm......

  • James Dies*

Victoria avenges for James


  • Victoria changes Riley*

Victoria: I'm totally in love with you!

Riley: Really?

<They create a newborn army together>

Victoria: Wanna know a secret?

Riley: Sure

Victoria: The yellow eyes almost killed me.

<Riley and Victoria make out>

<James's Ghost shows up out of no where>

James: ???????????????????? YOU B$@##!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

( They can't hear anything because he's a ghost)

(James slaps Victoria and Riley but his hands goes right through them)

<At the Camp>

Edward: You know that she's lying

Riley: No!

<Riley and Victoria dies>

<James,Victoria and Riley are together>

James: YOU @($#%*(@*%(@(#%*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Victoria: YOUR WITH Me <hugz and kisses James>

(Riley Sees James and Victoria kissing)

Riley: YOU !*(#$(*$#(!*#$(*##

( Both Riley and James are mad at Victoria)

Victoria: I CAN EXPLAIN!

Riley and James: SHUT THE @#$*( UP! YOU #@@#)$()@

<Riley and James end up beating up Victoria for the rest of eternity>


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