So I decided to share to you guys my choices for a twilight playlist we can come out with a video or something


Kiss Me- Cranberries

You Belong With Me: Taylor Swift

Absoulutley(Story Of A Girl): Nine

One Less Lonely Girl- Justin Bieber

New Moon:

Love Story- Taylor Swift

Nothing On you- B.O.B & Bruno Mars

In My Head- Jason Derulo

Don't Stop Believin'-Journey

Need you Now- Lady Antebellum


Battlefield-Jordin Sparks

Nobody- Wonder Girls

Young Forever- Jay-Z and Mr. Hudson or Forever Young- Alphaville

OMG-Usher and

Breaking Dawn-

Today was a Fairytale- Taylor Swift

Bad Romance- Lady Gaga

Baby- Justin Bieber

Bedrock- Young Money

What's your playlist?

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