Chapter 3


We arrived at La Push. Everyone was staring at me. Even the tourist. I didn't know what was going on. Everybody was looking at me and Nessie with a blank look. I mostly forgot all the people in La Push. Every shapeshifter I knew was still young like 7 years before so they look familiar, everyone else was looking old.

We went to Jacob's house. Rachel and Rebecca were there. They were planning on Rachel's Wedding with Paul. I was planning to go to the wedding.

Jacob and Billy was staring at the TV watching the Mariners. I got really bored, I started braiding Nessie's hard hair.

"Jacob! Focus!"

"Yeah after this last quarter"

I got really irritated. Jacob is supposed to help us not abandon us. I then punched my hand really hard at the wall and a hole came on. Everyone looked at me with a angry face.

"Bella, you do know you have to pay for this,"

"Yes Billy, I know I'm just really frustrated. By the way, why does everyone looked at me when I came?"

"Well Bella, Remember the story I told you when we first met?" Jacob said.

"Yeah about the Cullen's and the treaty. Oh."

"What's the treaty?' asked Nessie, she never came on La Push.

"Nessie", said Jacob," When your Dad and the coven was very young were hunting, and came across Quileute land, My Great Grandfather, Ephraim, was a wolf and did not know they were shapeshifters, it was known that the vampire was the enemy of werewolves and were told with myths. Then we made a truce that if they never come on our land or bite a human, they would live in peace, if they did either of those things, we would expose them. The pack doesn't care about the treaty but the other people do.

"So, we can't be here right now?"

"Well, Technically yes"

"So I guess we should leave now"


"Then what about the treaty?"

"As Ephraim Black's Heir I herby declare the treaty over. Billy, tell the whole rez, that the truce is over because if we imprinted on a vampire we should see our love ones everyday."

"Okay Jacob"

I can't believe the treaty is over. Hopefully, I can't wait to tell Edward.

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