Chapter 5


Jacob, Nessie, and I went on a flight that took a day. We rented a Ferrari and rushed to Volterra. We were under the clock tower in midnight. We sneaked into the Volturi Chamber and hid in the doorway. We heard them say something.

"What should we do to them now." Caius said with a deep low voice.

I saw inpetrable glass jail full of vampires Mostly, I saw Edward.

"DAD!" I shut Nessie's mouth and heard someone coming towards us.

Alec was staring at us. I knew he was going to use his ability on us so I used my shield, and it looked like a bubble again. Jacob then turned into a wolf fighting Alec then bursting into the Hall. I noticed that Jane wasn't there. Maybe she was the one who came to the woods.

"What is going on?" Aro asked with a frowning face.

"Kill them!" Caius ordered.

I rushed to the cell and grabbed a hammer and smashed the glass like it was a nail. The glass broke. I rushed my arms into Edward hugging him along with the rest of the vampires then The Volturi surrounded us, even the wives. They then put us in a bigger unbreakable jail cell. I kissed Edward. I was so Glad that we were together again. Everybody's eyes really dark black. They were hungry, and no one with blood came.

"We have to get out of here," Edward said "It's to dangerous. Vampires are

killing themselves."

"Why did they bring us here?"

"Revenge. Remember the confrontation?"

I already saw Vladimir, Stefan, Tanya, Kate, Rosalie, Emmett, Alice, in agony. We have to get out. I had a purse in my hand and let go of it. I hugged everyone and told then it was okay. Then the humans arrived.

Heidi brought a group of humans towards the Volturi to be eaten. Everyone went in the front and pleaded for a human, but they ate them all. All of us were stunned. They were so weak they couldn't come up. But, then I figured out a plan.

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