I made Chapter 2 and it kinda looks bad so well enjoy

Chapter 2


I've been trying to call Edward for the past couple of hours. I was trying to call anyone who could help me. I tried calling the wolf pack but they are busy with a human killing which they think a vampire it. I tried calling the Denali Coven but I think they are at Italy too. I keep trying to tell someone to help me, but no one is around.

Finally Jacob arrived.

"JACOB!" Nessie and I cried out loud at the same time.


"Yeah, What?"

"Edward and every other Coven disappeared".


"Yes, also,I forgot to tell you while I was hunting I saw red eyes, which I might suspect is that vampire you have been tracking down."

"Seriously! It can't be a vampire who's a friend of ours. I'll call Sam's Pack too."

" I think he or she is with someone else."

"We can't be sure" said Nessie eating a disgusting doughnut.

"Hey, can I have some" said Jacob with his stomach growling.

"Sure, Honey"

"I'll call the whole pack,Okay Bella?"


In a few minutes, everybody showed up. Leah looking sarcastic. Seth looking joyful and Embry and Quil, well like always, wrestling. I told everyone about the red eyes and they are as freaked out as much as me. So we decided to go to La Push.

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