Chapter 8


I was worried. Really Worried.

"Thank you," Jane said. "We've been trying for years to break free of this Volturi spell. Carlisle's coven is the largest coven now"

"Why?" We all asked

"Well, we want to join your coven." We were all in shock.

"Well", Carlisle said," we would be honored to be having so many members"

"Yay!" They cheered.

We, including the three girls, traveled back to Forks. We hunted because we were so hungry. Edward, Rosalie, and Alice ate almost ten animals! We taught the former Volturi, and the three newborns how to hunt. I think by the end of this year, the animal population would be cleared.

Carlisle bought a new, bigger house. We were happy.

"I'll give them a make over!" Alice called.

Jane was first, then Antonette, who was really annoyed, then everyone else.

They all went to high school or college, including the three young girls.

Edward and I helped train the vampires not to be tempted to humans.

Antonette and Jane became good friends, some people found mates and were happy.

Jacob came over and kissed Renesmee. Then he invited us to go to Seattle and go to the Needle Point.

Thenhe knelt on the ground and pulled out a ring and said "Marry me, Renesmee Carlie Cullen, you never have to be alone, I love you."


We all clapped and they kissed even longer, even all the mates kissed.

We were all happy Renesmee and Jacob got a house. In a few days, we were all stunned how, she was pregnant with twins, even though she was a full vampire.

After that, We lived in peace forever

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