Sorry for Volturi fans

Chapter 6


I was telling Edward about my plan. Then, three human girls came into the hall. No one was in the hall except for them. I figured out another plan. I whispered it to Edward.

"Come here" Edward said. The girls were looking around then to him.

They came. Then Carlisle, Edward, and Tanya had a needle and punched the needle right to the heart. They Screamed. We brought them in the cell. And no one noticed.

"What have you done!" Everyone asked.

"Trust Me its for our own good"

They woke up. We asked for their names and told them they were a vampire.

They were all fourteen and they're names were Antonette, Michelle, and Tina. Antonette was Goth so she was happy she's a vampire. We promised them that they would be in our coven when this is over. Elezar detected that they all have powers. Antonette can have a power that she wants, every time she wants to use it. Michelle had the power to control peoples thoughts, and Tina can levitate things with her mind.

We waited for the Volturi to come back. Then it happened. Antonette, Tina and Michelle broke through the cell and everyone ran out.

Everyone tried to kill Aro, Marcus, and Caius, and the wives. Renata tried to stop us, but my shield affected her shield. They succeeded. The Guard was really happy, more happier than us.

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