If Bree had made it to the Cullen family


I never knew this day would come, my heart filled with a source of anger, and a passionate love. I never knew how much a person would love me but let me go. I never knew death would be a serious concequence. I thought love was everything. Turns out, I was wrong

Chapter 1

Big Day

It's been several months since I was created. Bella and Edward were getting married. I always knew this day would come. It's a day before the wedding, Alice is really busy making me the perfect dress to wear at the wedding, I decided not to bother Bella or Edward since I knew they were "busy". But, I really remember my first wedding cermony, my uncle.

"Bree!" Alice called with a shriek.


It turned out to be the day of the wedding. I didn't sleep because I was a vampire and I'm not yet used of it. My red eyes were turning vivid, amber, I turned out to love Carlisle's way of life.

"You look very beautiful" Alice said with a smile.

"Thank you!"

Edward was in the living room. I was still in my room playing on the computer. Then, Edward hollered my name.

"Bree can you help us in the wedding."

"Sure, I'd love too."

"Okay, You'll be the ring bearer.


We were at a limo. I have no clue why,but everyone was smiling at the same time.

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