-the Cullens means us no harm,they are very kind and different vampires

-Sam Uley to Jacob Black Breaking Dawn

The Cullens are very kind and has respect for human life,

they are vampires and they are very helpful,

none of them wanted to be a vampire,but they got no choice,they need to live,

Edward: Spanish Influenza

Rosalie: Raped and Beaten Up

Emmett: Malled by a bear

Alice: Changed by unknown vampire,because she's being chased by James,a tracker vampire

Jasper: Changed by Maria

Esme: Deadly Ilness

Bella opens them all up to the world,brought light to them,because,when she still didn't come along yet,they were dark,silent,mute,like a moon without stars,Bella opens them,they loved Bella as their sibling and Carlisle and Esme loves her like a their daughter,she's been very gracious and loving to them,she understands them very much.They're all adopted by Carlisle and Esme.

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