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       There is a sentence in Twilight that Bella Swan says. " Hasn't anyone ever told you? Life isn't fair."-Pg. 49. Even though I am barely on here, and no one really knows me on this website, my biological father was shot in the head and killed March 08, 2014. I haven't had the best relationship with him, I used to see him every couple of weeks but over time it became never. I think about him everyday and how our future could be different, and now we will never know. I am only 16. I am still so young, his life was taken, not like it was his time. I cry when i'm alone, but most of the time I have a smile and barely anyone knows what has happened. No one knows that my heart is broken or that I am in complete shock and denial. Or that I keep m…

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  • Twilightloveforever


    March 23, 2013 by Twilightloveforever

    Now before you go thinking I am comparing twilight characters or movies, let me first state that this is my first blog, ever, and I don't know what I am doing. I will mess up and my first few blogs may sound horrible, but I will work hard to make them at least captivating. Also try to remember  I am a young teenage girl so things might sound mainstream and what not.

    So what I meant by comparison was this: It's funny how we constantly try to examine our selves and compare ourselves to other people. Why does everyone do it? Including me? It only makes us more sad and never lets us feel better about our selves. We ask ourselves, "Am I pretty?" But no one knows because we all have our own definitions of beauty, whether it's appearances or our u…

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