Twiligh hart
if people are going to talk trash about twilight on twilight wiki can they just got to hell!

because this site was created for twilight fans, if you don't like Twilight, this site isn't for you, go somewhere else!

this site is for those of us who love everything about twilight!

so if you hate Twilight or want to talk trash about the books can you just go on a diffrent site, not try to anger and annoy those of us who love twilight!

you know there are millions of twilight fans around the world!

and this is for us! not for those of you who don't like Twilight.

so one more thing, if you not are interested in twilight please leave our site. We don't mind if you don't agree with us, we do mind you vandalizing our site.


are the other twilighters with me???

twilightgirl! twilight forever!!!!!!!!!!!

show us respect!!!!

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