while me and jake were taking a drive at the woods i saw something it was big with cant explain redish color it flew from one tree to the other and i remembered when me and edward did that i knew it wasnt a bird it was a vampire, victoria i know it was her i startled a little but i didnt tell jacob i know he would freak out until ....

"hey bella are you okay?"

"ya totaly im fine realy i am"

"bella your not that good in lying "

i didnt have to tell him he saw her getting near to us, he panicked and didnt know what to do till victoria was so close to us

"what do we do jake"

"bella stay here dont come out"

he came out of the car as fast as he can and suddenly transformed to his werewolf bodyand started to chase victoria and victoria seems afraid of wolves so i called sam and his friends to come here i know it wasnt right but they are my only hope without the cullens. as they arrive some gorup of people was with them they not realy human they were vampires the cullens they came back  and i cant believe that wolves and vampires got along just to save me but then i remembered yesterday when i went to the woods its because of the cullens they might get killed and even the wolves they could die because of me so i had no choice but to face victoria i came out the car and suddenly...

"bella no" it was edward

but i didnt listen to him i came out the car and towards victoria until....

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