i felt unprotected at that time. then a fast breeze came like someone run so fast . as i looked at the window i saw a strand of red hair by the tree i knew it was victoria waiting for a signal to attack me and i was so afraid that i wanted to be a vampire this moment

" hey are you okay" edward asked

"im fine lets not talk"

i didnt want him to worry so i lied but i was still frightened not because i can get killed but edward and the cullens could be killed because of me so this leads me no choice but to face victoria in the woods after class.

"see tomorrow bella " alice and edward waved

i went to my truck and drove to the forest where victoria is hoping alice wont see me doing this i was scared but i cant let the cullens die specially edward i drove much faster till i finally was in the woods. i waited for hours but still victoria didnt show up the sun was going down. by and by i looked up the sky and the new moon it was so beautiful the stars were shining brightly and the silence made me fall asleep . then i woke up and found myself in my room i looked out the window and saw the sun rising then i went down

" good morning bells" its my dad charlie

"how did i end up here in my room?"

"jacob saw you in the woods sleeping so he brought you here"

"did he sleep here ?"

"ya he did but he went home now i better go bella"

"just be careful"

"always am"

he left me in the house alone with no one i was scared the cullens were out of town to visit rosalie and emmet in italy where they study for college. i didnt know what to do but the first person that comes to my mind when im alone is i drove to their house in la push i found him there doing nothing

" hey jake"

"bella!!" he lift me up with joy

"come on its like we didnt meet for so long"

" i missed you so much"

' you havent seen for like12 hours since last night"

" okay so what do you want to do ?"

"anything please"

"want to take i ride in my rabbit"

"that would be awsome "

" okay get in and we'll drive in the woods "

"great thats kinda perfect"

we went to the woods with his car and we were talking al the time it seems like i forget the world when im with him

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