the sun rising

it's the first day of senior year and i'm still human i wanted edward to change me but he wont do it he said it was a tragedy.

so until now im waiting for him to change his mind about it

"edward are you okay?" i asked slowly

"yes im fine " he answered in a lie

"i know your not" i tried to know his problem

"victoria what if she wont stop 'till she kills you im worried for you bella"

"im gonna be fine edward dont worry" i tried to calm him down

" how do you know"he asked worried

"because while the vampire family that i love are around me i will always be safe" i answered in a low tone

" we cant protect you all the time" he objected

"lets not talk about this lets go to class" i changed the subject

"wait someone is here for you"

as i turned around i saw my werewolf best friend jacob black

"hey jacob whats up"

"nothing just came to warn you thet victoria is here and she is much stronger now so be care full" he warned

" dont worry jake im gonna be alright ands thanks for the warn realy means a lot to me" i hugged him in thank

" no problem i should go now bye bells" he waved at me while walking away

at first i was calm but a few seconds later i was frightened like someone was staring at me

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