• Twilight princess1498

    who do you think would make a perfect renesmee carlie cullen?

    renesmee carlie cullen half-vampire half-human daughter of edward cullen and bella swan born on september ten described as the most beautiful person in the world also jacob black, a werewolf, finds her his mate

    but who is this renesmee carlie cullen you get a chance to decide who should be renesmee carlie cullen

    comment your answers

    this is just for fun renesmee carlie always bugs my mind so no bad comments plsss...

    and i also wanna hear your opinionsTwilight princess1498 04:01, December 23, 2009 (UTC)

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  • Twilight princess1498

    read please

    December 6, 2009 by Twilight princess1498

    starting this day on i will stop writing sun rising cause no one actually reads it so bye

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  • Twilight princess1498

    while me and jake were taking a drive at the woods i saw something it was big with cant explain redish color it flew from one tree to the other and i remembered when me and edward did that i knew it wasnt a bird it was a vampire, victoria i know it was her i startled a little but i didnt tell jacob i know he would freak out until ....

    "hey bella are you okay?"

    "ya totaly im fine realy i am"

    "bella your not that good in lying "

    i didnt have to tell him he saw her getting near to us, he panicked and didnt know what to do till victoria was so close to us

    "what do we do jake"

    "bella stay here dont come out"

    he came out of the car as fast as he can and suddenly transformed to his werewolf bodyand started to chase victoria and victoria seems afraid of …

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  • Twilight princess1498

    i felt unprotected at that time. then a fast breeze came like someone run so fast . as i looked at the window i saw a strand of red hair by the tree i knew it was victoria waiting for a signal to attack me and i was so afraid that i wanted to be a vampire this moment

    " hey are you okay" edward asked

    "im fine lets not talk"

    i didnt want him to worry so i lied but i was still frightened not because i can get killed but edward and the cullens could be killed because of me so this leads me no choice but to face victoria in the woods after class.

    "see tomorrow bella " alice and edward waved

    i went to my truck and drove to the forest where victoria is hoping alice wont see me doing this i was scared but i cant let the cullens die specially edward i d…

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  • Twilight princess1498

    the sun rising

    it's the first day of senior year and i'm still human i wanted edward to change me but he wont do it he said it was a tragedy.

    so until now im waiting for him to change his mind about it

    "edward are you okay?" i asked slowly

    "yes im fine " he answered in a lie

    "i know your not" i tried to know his problem

    "victoria what if she wont stop 'till she kills you im worried for you bella"

    "im gonna be fine edward dont worry" i tried to calm him down

    " how do you know"he asked worried

    "because while the vampire family that i love are around me i will always be safe" i answered in a low tone

    " we cant protect you all the time" he objected

    "lets not talk about this lets go to class" i changed the subject

    "wait someone is here for you"

    as i turned …

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