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April 16, 2011
  • Twilight girl

    Breaking dawn

    Hey all tou twilighters if you cant wait to see twilight breaking dawn but cant be botherd to read the whole thing about it,here are the simple things about it

    • Bella and Edward get marrid.
    • For their honymoon they go to iland esmee
    • Bella and Edward make love fot the first time
    • but Bella gets bruised all over
    • They do it again and Bella gets preganent
    • Edward rushes Bella bake to forks to get rid of the baby but Bella refuses
    • The baby is half human half vampire
    • The baby starts to kill Bella because it is super strong
    • Edward hates the baby but then learns to love it when he hears her thoughts that say thats she loves her mum and dosnt mean to hurt her
    • Bella goes in to hospital 1 month after their honymoon
    • Edward and Jacob have to do cpr to ke…

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  • Twilight girl

    who loves twilight i do!

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  • Twilight girl

    Twilight blog

    April 18, 2011 by Twilight girl

    What is your favourite twilight and why

    mine is eclipse because i think that it is more intrersting than the othses, it has cool action &

    it has edward in eclipse not like new moon qhere he wasnt really in it

    post uneder

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