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How to throw a twiliight party for you and your friends.......

1'. Decoration- Firstly choose a room to start your magic on.

Draw some apples, flowers, red string and a chese pice then cut them out secondly colour then in

Cut out or print out some pics

Make some banners full of twilight stuff

Get a poster

Draw cullen crests

Then stick them around the room

2. Activitise- Find some good twilight songs and dance to them

Dress up to the person that you mostly look like from twilight

Put questions on a card and choose someone to read them out.Get some buzzers and quiz them

Play baseball like the cullens

3. Dressing up-get some nail varnish and write somthing on your nails to do with twilight

Wear your teams top such as a edward top or jacob

Drew a twilight tatoo on yourself

4. Invites-Go online to create some awesome invites

And they are the 4 steps to a great twilight party!!

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