My Breaking dawn


(spoiler alert)

The begining

the begining of the movie was really good. when it started with showing the wedding invites but i did liked it when alice and bella was there and bella was trying on her shoes while the rest of the cullens except for edward. Then when she was in her room packing all of her stuff when edward came in and told her his story about when he drank humans blood. but the best part in that sceane was when he was going to go to his batchular party and emmet and jasper just kept jumping up onto her window. i also liked the dream she had where when she walked up the ile the vultori were there and every one there was dead and she and edward were covered in blood. My nmext favourite part was when they were at the wedding and some people were giving toasts and i thought charlies was heleriouse it whent somthing like.

iedward will b e a good huband,

i know that because im a cop ,

and i have a gun,

and i know hoe to hunt.

it was heleriuose. Then when jacob showed up and he and bella had a fight about hers and edwards hunnymoon i also like that.


When they whent of for there hunnymoon i enjoyed that part when bella had some human moments. it was also funny when bella woke up and every thing was brocken and when she whent to the batheroom and she was covered in bruises..i lso liked when they played chess and when they whent swimming and they jumped in and bella whent on edwards back and then she kissed him and he went under the water and swam to the other side. i like the part when bella discovered that she was pegnant and she made the chicken then whent to tha bathroom to puke.


Honastly when she was pronant i saw most of the sceanes gross expecaly because she was super skinny.But the worst part was when she was giving birth i barley looked at the screen. i dod like the part where she looked normal again and then it did that realy strange music and then she opened her red eyes.

totaly cant wait for part 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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