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    My Breaking dawn


    (spoiler alert)

    Honastly when she was pronant i saw most of the sceanes gross expecaly because she was super skinny.But the worst part was when she was giving birth i barley looked at the screen. i dod like the part where she looked normal again and then it did that realy strange music and then she opened her red eyes.

    totaly cant wait for part 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Twilight breaking dawn

    September 4, 2011 by Twilight girl

    Twilight breaking dawn

    Hey guys i now that were all excited for the release if Twilight breaking dawn part 1 which comes out on the 18 November 2011. But just one question what do you like mist about twilight is it the characters,the story ,music or what post what you like about it,

    Hey how cool is this i come back from my holiday 4 days before breaking dawn is released.

    Why not have a small party to celebrate the release of the new twilight, you could invite your bestes friends who like twilight the day before twilight is released and have a sleepover.But make shure that nobody falls asleep before midnight because you could contdown the time for when twilight afishaly starts. cool right

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    My fave twilight is Twilight saga eclipse


    Im not really shure why its my fave but if i had to say they would be

    1. The music is cool
    2. i like the fighting sceen
    3. i like the practice fighting sceen
    4. they decide to get married
    5. and Jaconb gets hurt Yay!!

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    How to throw a twiliight party for you and your friends.......

    1'. Decoration- Firstly choose a room to start your magic on.

    Draw some apples, flowers, red string and a chese pice then cut them out secondly colour then in

    Cut out or print out some pics

    Make some banners full of twilight stuff

    Get a poster

    Draw cullen crests

    Then stick them around the room

    2. Activitise- Find some good twilight songs and dance to them

    Dress up to the person that you mostly look like from twilight

    Put questions on a card and choose someone to read them out.Get some buzzers and quiz them

    Play baseball like the cullens

    3. Dressing up-get some nail varnish and write somthing on your nails to do with twilight

    Wear your teams top such as a edward top or jacob

    Drew a twilight ta…

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    June 5, 2011 by Twilight girl

    Hwy have you ever seen that advert where the man & lady are in the music shop and they start singing "i like old movies" well i made up my own

    "i like great movies"

    "like the twilight saga"

    "breaking dawn part 1"

    "its not even out yet"

    "but i know that it will be the best one"

    if you like it comment

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