Bella Swan is truly my favirote girl on Twilight! Shes pretty, smart, kind, sensitive, and genouris! at times shes a little shy but i bet shell get over that in a flash! Her and Edward are perfect together! Bella is always trying to make everyones day a little better! Like when Angela takes a picture of bella in the lunch room Eric gets all mad at Angela and she says that they can just write a page on teen drinking then bella says you can always write about eating disorders! Then Angela gets happy and comes up with more ideas! I would love to have a friend like that she seems like agreat person! I cant belive Bella has a babby and that the babby kicks so hard that it leaves bruises all over her stomach! But then the babby can sense that she is hurting her so the babby does her best to not hurt Bella! Tha babbies name is so cute I mean Renesme! I love it! I cant belive that Jacob imprints on Renesme and now their like soulmates! And that at times Jacob will let Renesmae bite him or whatever and that it doesnt hurt him because Renesmae dosent have posion in her so he wont die or feel pain! From the way Stephine Myer describes Renesmae she sounds beautiful! I like jacob better with short hair I guess I do because I like Taylor Lautner and not Jacob! But I still like Jacobs pesonality!

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