Hey people of Twi-Saga-Wiki! I am the one and only Charlotte Alice Marie Cullen and I am writing a blog about pretty much, NADA. Well, it's 01:33 AM in my country and I'm pretty tired, but if you just go to my user page or whatever it's called and click one of the links (YouTube, FanFiction, etc.) then you can know more about me. I really hate having to type the same thing up on every profile I have, it gets annoying and boring. What's the ponit (that means point, I always spell "point" with the "i" the wrong way when I'm typing - that's how it's gonna stay) when I can just link to another page that has pretty much my life story on it?

As of by now, you've probably guessed I like Twilight (it's pretty obvo since I'm on Twilight Wiki) so that says a lot about me. I'm Team bloody everyone, before you ask. I can't choose between Ed and Jake - I love Vamps but I love Taylor. And what about the rest of the Cullens, Bella, Charlie, Renee and her husband, Bella's human friends, the wolf pack, and the Volturi? I simply can't pick, I'm Team Everyone.

Well, I'm tired and I should be sleeping. I start school again on Friday. I live in England, and I'm going to be in Year 8 (I'm 12 going 13 for people who live in countries who say their school years differently). I started Secondary School (like middle school only your older) last September and it's soooooo much better than Primary (Elementry)! And just for the sake of it, I'm not going to High School because I'm staying at Secondary until I'm 18 and then I'm going to college to study English so I can be a novelist!

It's hard to make a career out of writing, so I've heard. Times will obvo be different then so lets just hope that it's easier to get published and that people still read in 2020/2030-something! I like writing about vampires and demons more than anything, plus I like writing about teenaged stuff. Maybe I can be the next Stephenie Meyer? (Okay, now I'm getting big headed).

Goodbye people! I am going to sleep...

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