EDWARD OR JACOB? Edward, a vampire who wants to be nice, And has a perfect body as ...cold as ice. He's the world's most dangerous predator, But also the most blessed among all creatures. He promises to love you every moment of forever, But first, you must become a blood-sucker. He won't ask you to choose him over your best friend, Au contra ire, he'll let you decide how it'll end. Jacob, the young lad from the Reservation, Who walks in the rain and catches global attention, Yet undergoes into a wicked transformation, For he phases into a wolf when angered in a situation. Will love you, till your heart stops beating, Just don't become a soulless being. He thinks, his healthy for you and got everything, For, with him, you don't have to change anything. If you're Bella whom would you choose? A dashing vampire who thirsts for your blood, Or a luscious werewolf with mood swings so odd? In every decision we make, there lies a consequence, So decide something that makes sense. Choose the lesser between of the two evils, And you might save yourself from perils.


by: Gwyn Cullen

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