I just finished watching a really great vampire movie. It's called "The Thompson's" and it's about a vampire family. The parents are dead...the story doesn't go into detail about how they were killed...but that leaves the children to live on their own. The ages range of the kids (4 boys, 1 girl) are early twenties to early teens. There are five siblings and the eldest is David, then there's the fraternal twins, Wendell & Darlene, then Frances, and Lennie. Frances, who is a boy in his late teens tells the story. They all got into trouble when they were at a gas station that was held up...the vampire siblings had to kill the bad guys as well as the good guys to get away unknown. Unfortunately, they were filmed and had to skip the country. The youngest brother, Lennie was seriously shot and hurt in the robbery. All the Thompson kids seem that they're good, and only kill when forced to. However the twins are the exception, and at times appear evil and malignant. The Thompson kids had heard of another vampire family in they head there.

You'll have to watch it to know the entire story. It's really good. But I do feel like I might need to warn you about some things. Although in some ways, the story is similar to Twilight...the vampires can go out into the day and aren't bothered by holy relics. But these vampires are born and not made they also have fangs that are retractible. Francis says it's some kind of genetic does NOT spread by a bite. Vampire children are born to vampire parents. Since vampires seem to mostly breed with other vampires, it's hinted that there is incest involved. In fact, Francis hints that his brother and sister who are fraternal twins are lovers. We get a slight glimpse of this when we see twins, Wendell and Darlene having a threesome with another girl...WEIRD! But, it' still a GREAT movie and fun to watch. It's online so you can watch it for free. If anyone want the address, let me know. : )

PS - I've since discovered that this movie is the second of two parts. The first movie is called "The Hamiltons." When the kids move, they change their last name.

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