I just watched Vampire Academy. I'd tried to read the series, but just couldn't get into it. I have to admit, the movie was fast paced and full of plot twists and action. But it was at times confusing. I never could tell exactly who were the bad guys and who were the good guys. I'd get to liking a character...and they'd turn evil...or get killed...or both. The quality of the movie wasn't all that great...nothing even similar to Twilight or the Harry Potter Sagas. In fact, the story seemed like the author blended both Twilight and Harry Potter together, which equaled a vampire school. There were also references to the elements such as, earth, wind, fire, and water that are also mentioned in Divergent.

BUT...Is Vampire Academy a Twilight FanFiction? I couldn't help but wonder since there were blatant references to Twilight. Even many of the Twilight names were used in Vampire Academy. I hope somebody knows the answer. Thanks.

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