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Major Spoiler Alert:

If you’ve managed to read this far of my story, then you are most likely to be aware that Carlisle met a woman and had a child after becoming a vampire. You know that the woman was neither human nor vampire and unable to become an immortal. You should also be aware that whether she had a child with a human or immortal, the child would be genetically of the same race that she is. Readers have written and complained that this isn’t a love story. But it is a love story, one of a man who treasures his wife beyond all reason, as well as a love story between a father and his son. It’s not written like your typical story here, and it was never meant to be, it’s basically a story that I felt compelled to tell. There are many reasons behind the name of Carlisle’s son. I chose ‘Christopher’ because the name means “Christ-Bearer.” If you’ve read the book, “The Giver” then you know it’s a children’s story about a “giver” and a “receiver.” The book is full of allusions to a “Christ-like” image who will suffer just as Christ suffered for our sins. Literature is full of these “Christ-like” images, it’s everywhere. It’s as plain as the nose on your face that Christopher IS my “Christ-like” character since he’s both the giver and the receiver. It is he who will ultimately take on the sins of Carlisle, as well as some vampires. During the next few chapters Christopher is going to suffer…and it’s just going to get worse. Although Carlisle loves his son immensely and treats him like gold, Carlisle shows an evil side to himself. Carlisle suffers too due to him witnessing Christopher’s pains and sufferings. This story will NOT end happily because Christopher WILL pay the consequences for the actions of Carlisle. It will BE Christopher who will present the large wooden cross to his father that’s mentioned in the books. And sadly it will be Christopher’s ultimate death that will pay for his father’s sins. I’ve also read complaints about the wacky time-lines in the book. Christopher will eventually explain this to Carlisle when he pays the ultimate price. I’m a man, and I guess that I just can’t write stories the way most of you prefer. I’ve come to love Christopher, I just can’t help it. He isn’t human, vampire, or even God. But I know despite his witnessing Carlisle’s evil actions and the pain forced upon him, Christopher believes in Christ and endeavors to follow in the Savior’s footsteps. Maybe if you haven’t bothered to read the story, this might make you change your mind and heart to struggle thru the difficult reading. Don’t even bother to read it if you just quickly rush through it. It honestly won’t be worth it.

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