I saw the movie, Fifty Shades of Grey, last night. It wasn't very good, but that doesn't surprise me since I didn't care that much for the book series. The book was a TWILIGHT fan fiction that became so popular that it took on a life of it's own. The author then removed the fan fiction, then changed all the names. However, the story still takes place near Seattle... and many of the characters are based on Twilight counterparts. Christian Grey = Edward Cullen. Anastasia Steele = Bella Swan. Kate = Alice/Rose. Elliot = Emmett. Jose = Jacob. This list goes on and on.

Anyway, Christian, who is this rich guy, is into kinky, S&M, bondage like sex. He's got a playroom (torture chamber) and everything. For some unknown reason, Christian becomes attracted to Ana, then she falls for him. Nobody, including them knows why. Ana almost walks into the street and is almost hit by a motorcycle or bicycle.. or something. Luckily, Christian pulls her out of the way (sound familiar??) Oh... Ana also works for a hardware store. That's where Christian purchases his ropes and ties for his extracurricular activities.

I think most people would rather date an actual vampire than Christian Grey. He's a flat character, who's completely boring... even the fact that he's into S&M doesn't make him very interesting. Ana's not much more interesting. Like Bella, Ana works at a hardware store. Before Bella met Edward, she planned to major in English and become a high school English teacher. So... that's basically what Anna is doing when she meets Christian. The only thing remotely interesting with the movie is noting the resemblances to TWILIGHT. BUT, be aware, it's about as interesting as Vampire's Suck, a parody of TWILIGHT. That's really how I viewed Fifty Shades, as a TWILIGHT parody.

The role of Christian went thru many different actors. Apparently, many actors did NOT want to portray the character. Handsome English actor Charlie Hunnam was hired for the part. But soon after, he dropped out. Hunnam would have been good in the role, because he is a multi-talented actor. Perhaps he knew that there was only so much he could do. Jamie Dornan finally wound up with the role. Dornan is an attractive actor... but he seemed so plain and uninteresting in the role of Christian. Dakota Johnson played the blahh Ana. Johnson is usually a blonde, so she might not be recognized as the brunette Ana. But, Johnson is capable of much better than this role.

WARNING: While TWILIGHT did have some adult themes, even though it was a young adult series, Shades of Grey is not for children. There is the occasional nudity and what not. My suggestion is not to bother with the movie unless you want to count the resemblances that were taken from Twilight.