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breaking dawn the truth

The Truth of casting Renesmee Cullen is if u see a picture in youtube or anywhere else than the picture is not really they have not put out the news of who it is yet and we will not here about who is playing the part for a while now none of the pictures r real and u can tell if they r real if summit put out the pictures and i am sure they don't want people to know who it is for a while now. so no mater what u see the pictures are fake unless they are put out but summit entertainment or the derector Chris Wietz. and the same thing with all the ather new charecters in breaking dawn also they will not be putting out the rating of the movie untill the real trailer comes out. and all the trailors out there are fake to they have not put that out yet either so don't trust anything besides the book to get the real information on breaking dawn so everything for now is fanmade and by my opinion i think breaking dawn won't be r rated just by my opinion because i don't think they really show anything bad in the movie TwilightLove-4Ever 15:56, August 21, 2010 (UTC)TwilightLover4Ever

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